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Osborne Faces Funding Pressure

Chancellor George Osborne is under increased pressure to raise social care funding to avoid a financial crisis that has been heightened as a result of his decision to raise the minimum wage. Research from the Resolution Foundation has found that Osborne’s decision to raise the minimum wage to £9 an hour by 2020 will cost the social care sector £2.3bn. Consequentially, the public would be responsible for footing around £1.4bn of the costly bill because two-thirds of social care provision is funded through local government. Given that local governments have been left £20bn worse off following budget cuts, where this money will come from remains a mystery. This also reflects that it is not just the social care sector that is challenged by the cuts, but a huge variety of public services, with sources announcing that local authorities could go bankrupt.

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How to help someone with dementia

Find out how you can help those diagnosed with dementia by pursuing a career with Prestige Nursing + Care. Nursing and care jobs available across the UK.

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Social care providers face increased CQC fees

The government’s recent demand that regulators must recover the full costs of regulating services means social care providers will face sharp increases in the fees they pay to the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

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