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The future of self-funded care

With the general election fast approaching and the launch of party manifestos, we have seen a renewed interest in social care and the ongoing debate on its funding.

First came Labour, who revealed that it would introduce a ‘National Care Service’, promising an additional £8bn for social care over the lifetime of the next Parliament. The manifesto also pledged to increase the Carer’s Allowance for unpaid full-time carers, bringing it in line with Jobseeker’s Allowance.

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A manifesto for social care

The recent announcement of a general election came as a surprise, and Theresa May’s decision to hold one as soon as June left of her political opponents scrambling to fill their manifestos. The dominance of Brexit on the political agenda has naturally meant it has taken centre stage in the run-up to the election. However, the fact is there are many social issues aside from Brexit that require urgent attention – not least the dire state of the country’s social care sector. Here are the three key policy areas the next government must focus on: 

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Brexit: The looming threat to social care

Brexit is the biggest issue on the agenda as election fever starts to take hold, and with good reason. The policy decisions that are made over the coming months and years will have a dramatic effect on people’s daily lives. Yet with the focus on trade deals and tactical voting, the continuing crisis in social care has dropped below the government’s radar lately, and with Brexit looming there is the potential for it to get a lot worse.  

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