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NHS trust overspends

Figures released this week paint a dire picture of the NHS’ finances at trust-level. According toThe Guardian, Barts NHS Trust in London is on course to run up a deficit of £134.9 million this year – the largest of any in the history of the National Health Service. Other trusts in and around the capital are also in serious trouble, with London North West Healthcare and King’s College each expected to be £88.3m and £65m in the red respectively. What is even more concerning is the rate at which these overspends are growing: Barts’ deficit has grown by 69% from its £79.6m overspend in 2014/15. This is unsustainable. The trusts’ combined £1.6bn deficit last year is a serious drain on the public’s finances.

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The advent of technology in social care

Every year, technology plays an increasingly important part in our working lives. On-the-go email, cloud systems like GoogleDocs, and a variety of other apps, both mainstream and bespoke, have become fundamental to countless businesses across the globe. The social care sector has not escaped this digital advent, and its usage has brought in a multitude of benefits to clients and carers alike.

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A day in the life of a carer

Social care has never been in more demand. Between 2005 and 2014 the population aged 85 and over – the group most likely to require care – increased by 30%. As people continue to live longer, demand for care is only going to increase. This comes at a time when government cuts in social care spending and strains on the NHS are restricting the provision of care, and making recruitment into the sector a huge challenge.

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