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The Deepening Crisis in Social Care

While we are now all too familiar with the perilous state of the social care system, the latest report from Age UK makes for sobering reading. It estimates that as many as 1.2 million people aged 65 or above – equivalent to roughly one in eight – are not receiving the support they require for vital daily activities such as eating, bathing and dressing.  This new figure represents a startling 17.9% rise from the previous year, with the number of those without access to the support and care they need almost doubling since 2010.

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Who should pay for social care?

While the government has now partially acknowledged the scale of the crisis in social care, a sustainable solution still seems a long way off. The most recent attempt to plug the funding gap came in December, when Sajid Javid allowed councils to raise council tax by 3%, on top of the already scheduled rise of 2%. Most said it was too little too late, and this has proven to be the case, with 97% councils recently stating that the additional funds have made no difference

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Care workers: Britain’s unsung heroes

Having worked overtime until the early hours of the morning, driving from house to house on snow-covered roads, Jessica Gentry, a care worker from Bury, decided to share her experience on Facebook in an open letter to the Prime Minister.

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