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A new tax?

Headlines were made last week by calls from Dr Dan Poulter – a former health minister – for an additional tax to fund health and social care in order to save it from collapse. Poulter’s experiences make him an astute judge of the sector’s performance. As well as serving as a minister in the Department of Health, he is a fully trained gynaecological practitioner and still continues to work as a doctor for the NHS on a part time basis. Furthermore, the fact that a former Conservative frontbencher, who is unlikely to be an enthusiastic proponent of higher taxes, is supporting a tax illustrates the magnitude of the challenges faced by the health and social care sector.

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Social care in post-Brexit Britain

The surprise result in the UK’s European Union (EU) referendum has created many questions about the future our relationship with the EU and its economic prospects as a result. Business and political leaders working in the social care sector – which was already facing significant challenges before the referendum – need to rally together to avoid fallout and capitalise on the opportunities that might arise from a new working relationship with the EU and wider afield.

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Managing the new normal

On April the first this year, the National Minimum Wage that employers are obliged to pay staff increased to £7.20 an hour for those aged 25 and over. As a result of this policy, millions of low paid workers have seen their salaries increase by 50 pence an hour, which will make a significant difference to their pay packets each month. The social care sector has been at the forefront of the changes, with many of its 1.3 million employees qualifying for the mandatory increase. This is well-deserved too; social care workers perform crucial work within society and should well remunerated for the differences they make to the lives of those they care for.

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