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Overpriced, but undervalued

The role of third party agencies in the delivery of health care has recently generated plenty of publicity, with much of the debate focusing on whether agencies represent good value for taxpayers’ money. We are paying what appears to be an extraordinary amount of money for interim staff, with an article recently published in The Telegraph highlighting the £3.3 billion bill for temporary workers.

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How to become a carer for the elderly

Caring for the elderly is a unique and rewarding field to work in, not least because it offers a sense of reward, doing something worthwhile and a personal achievement at the end of each day. Many staff will testify that building relationships with elderly clients in order to support and help them in everyday life is what makes elderly care jobs a gratifying experience.

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Palliative Care: The importance of dying with dignity

Palliative care is finally starting to generate political interest with the first reading of the Palliative Health Care Bill in the House of Lords. It is estimated that there are 355,000 people in need of end of life care in the UK, and this debate is one that simply cannot be ignored any longer. A shift in awareness and attitudes is long overdue.

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