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Homecare: do Councils pay enough?

A report from UK Homecare Association (UKHCA) published today raises the issue of local councils paying homecare providers less and less, putting the whole sector under enormous financial strain and limiting its ability to deliver high quality care to vulnerable adults.

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The cost of a care home

Every year Prestige Nursing + Care undertakes a study into the cost of a care room in a care home – and each year’s results are more alarming than the last. This year’s study found that an average room in a home increased a massive ten times as fast as pensioners’ incomes did – which is more than twice as much as the rate a year earlier.

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A new tax?

Headlines were made last week by calls from Dr Dan Poulter – a former health minister – for an additional tax to fund health and social care in order to save it from collapse. Poulter’s experiences make him an astute judge of the sector’s performance. As well as serving as a minister in the Department of Health, he is a fully trained gynaecological practitioner and still continues to work as a doctor for the NHS on a part time basis. Furthermore, the fact that a former Conservative frontbencher, who is unlikely to be an enthusiastic proponent of higher taxes, is supporting a tax illustrates the magnitude of the challenges faced by the health and social care sector.

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