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How to get into paediatric nursing

Looking for a career in paediatric nursing? Find out more about caring for children, and search for local vacancies with Prestige Nursing + Care.

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Half hour care visits for the elderly

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) announced this week that carers should spend at least 30 minutes on home visits with their elderly patients. NICE recommended a series of additional measures to boost care quality, such as training carers to recognise health problems, and ensure people have the same care giver whenever possible. This would allow for greater consistency of treatment and for patients to build up a good relationship with the carer.

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Prestige Nursing+Care interview Paediatric Nurse Charlotte McCulloch.

Paediatric Nurse Charlotte McCulloch talks about the 'immense satisfaction' in her career so far with Prestige Nursing+Care. 

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