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Bed blocking crisis and elderly care shortage cost NHS millions.

Over the past five years local councils have seen their budgets slashed with a huge impact on the amount of elderly care they are able to provide. Research carried out by Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (Adass) and reported in The Telegraph shows that councils have lost 31% of their care budgets in just five years.

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Innovative way to treat dementia sparks debate

A new show from Channel 4 demonstrates the recent trend of pioneering innovative approaches to dementia care and treatment. With one in three people experiencing dementia in the course of their lifetime, it is apparent that – in the search for treatment or a cure – the best ways to care for people with the illness also need to be considered.


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Overpriced, but undervalued

The role of third party agencies in the delivery of health care has recently generated plenty of publicity, with much of the debate focusing on whether agencies represent good value for taxpayers’ money. We are paying what appears to be an extraordinary amount of money for interim staff, with an article recently published in The Telegraph highlighting the £3.3 billion bill for temporary workers.

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