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The advent of technology in social care

Every year, technology plays an increasingly important part in our working lives. On-the-go email, cloud systems like GoogleDocs, and a variety of other apps, both mainstream and bespoke, have become fundamental to countless businesses across the globe. The social care sector has not escaped this digital advent, and its usage has brought in a multitude of benefits to clients and carers alike.

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A day in the life of a carer

Social care has never been in more demand. Between 2005 and 2014 the population aged 85 and over – the group most likely to require care – increased by 30%. As people continue to live longer, demand for care is only going to increase. This comes at a time when government cuts in social care spending and strains on the NHS are restricting the provision of care, and making recruitment into the sector a huge challenge.

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Bed-blocking rears its head again

Reports in the Daily Telegraph suggest NHS bosses believe elderly patients are refusing to give up their hospital beds, for fear of the financial repercussions of going into a care home. This paints a very disturbing picture of the state of the nation’s elderly care provision, and the impact this has on wider health and social care services. According to health chiefs, the number of elderly people who are fit to leave hospital but choose to remain has increased by 15% over the past 12 months alone, an enormous jump in a relatively short space of time.

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